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Nutrimix Feeds was built primarily to meet the demands for broiler and animal feeds. Despite many political and economical challenges as well as public scepticisim and criticism, the Nutrimix Feed Mill was constructed to become a landmark in the once sleepy village of Barrackpore. From its inception to present we have increased capacity by 300% producing broilers and livestock feeds for the many farmers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Consisting basically of two 150 hp pellet mills, we produce both crumbled and pelleted rations  for all classes of livestock. The main raw materials : Corn, soya bean meal and wheat hulls are trucked  from our grain terminal facility at Point Lisas to Barrackpore. They are specially blended and formulated with other key  ingredients to give a superb quality feed. These are delivered in 45 kg bags or bulk in specialized trucks to farms or depots  throughout  Trinidad and Tobago.

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