NUTRIMIX FLOUR MILLS is a state of the art flour mill which has one of the world’s best cleaning and milling systems, supplied and installed by Buhler of Switzerland.

The ultra modern mill is housed in a beautifully iridescent blue glass building and is carefully manned by our globally handpicked personnel. Our internal laboratory and bakery ensures our products meet and exceeds international standards. Our aim is to deliver quality flour and unrivaled service to industry, bakers, supermarkets and our local food vendors, all at an affordable price.

Our flour comes packaged in 2 kg, 10 kg and 45 Kg sizes in thirteen different flour types for all major uses in commercial and residential kitchens across the country.

Nutrimix Flour Mills actively supports many community and company ventures with management and staff getting involved, distributing sandwiches and hampers at the various events organized by these groups. It’s one more way we keep in touch with our user base as we strive to be a worthy corporate citizen.