Nutrimix- Nutrina Division

Broiler production has evolved from a domestic subsistence level to very automated commercial system. We have a farm base of approximately 300 farmers spread  throughout Trinidad who farm broilers exclusively for our company. Broilers grown on these farms are either transported to our processing facility or delivered  to “pluck & gut” operators who then retail to traditional customers.

The broiler production department operates out of our Harmony Hall location which co-ordinates and monitors all aspects of production from  placement to sales.

Our team of experienced and qualified technical representatives visit all our  farms  on  a continuous basis, liaising with  farmers and offering  technical support and assistance. We work closely with local  and overseas  veterinarians  and laboratories to ensure that all performance criteria are met and adhered to, not only locally but internationally.

Nutrimix – Process Division is one of the largest and modern poultry processing facilities on the island. As producers of the Nutrimix Group of Companies’ signature product Nutrina Farm Chickens, we process in excess of 4,000 birds per hour of the highest quality broiler meat.

Our exceptional quality chickens are the result of a fully integrated system of production which has the latest technology and the strictest quality control in every phase of our operations.


If you’re interested in joining our contract farming program please call our Contract Department:
658-5555 or 658-5825 at our Process Division for information on what to do next.